October 3rd
Its that time again. Winter deliveries;
Again we have teamed up with other farmers to bring you fresh food thru the winter. Because there are no markets open during the winter we offer our food thru our on line store (just click the store button on this site),
Each farm has its own page so you will know where and how your food is produced by each farm. You can order from as many farms as you want. We pack your order and deliver it to a couple of pick-up points in Huntsville and one in Collinsville. Once a week. You pay for it on delivery.
We are going to start delivering earlier this year so the people that went to the Latham and Bailey Cove markets don't have to go without food until November.
Starting Oct. 14th we will start delivering to the parking lot of Lathum Methodist Church where the market was, every Saturday at 9:00 am.
We will take orders for Madison as well and you can pickup at our booth until the markets end then we will just have a pickup in the parking lot at 10:30am every Saturday.
Order no later than 4:00pm Tursday afternoon so we can pick Friday for Saturday deliveries.
Collinsville pickups will be every Tuesday from 3-5:00pm at Wills Valley Family Medicine.
Order no later than Monday afternoons so we can pick Monday night or Tuesday morning before deliveries at 3:00.
Stay tuned to the store for more information, maps and times of the pickups.


Oct. 30th
We had a killing frost last night. Had a light frost a few nights ago but this one did kill the  last of the summer crops that were left in the field. Now it is to warm up for at least the next seven days.  The young tomato plants in the high tunnels were ok even without cover. The baby plants always seem to be able to handle less than ideal conditions better than the adults. Is the same with humans it seems.
Number 2 high tunnel is planted with beets, carrots, lettuce mix and spinach.
Number 1 is planted in tomatoes, head lettuce, Asian greens.
Number 3 has tomatoes to come out, multipler onions and sorrel to stay.  Chard, diakons, spinach, onions, arugula to be planted, maybe we can get it do by the end of next week.
Tomorrow we are using the totem pole method of inoculating oyster mushrooms and see how well that will work at this time of year. We are going put them in the house for the winter. We have shitakes flushing in small amounts and reshis both inoculated and native that have been fruiting. We are making tinctures out of reshi and native turkey tail mushrooms.
The wood stove was put in last week and it has been nice feeling the radiant heat of wood. It has only  been a week and I already have 2 burns. 
I have harvested some seed crops this year. a meager harvest on Alabama Coshata corn, a good harvest on Uncle Herschel's okra,  cow pumpkin, Tarahumara sunflowers only 3 plants came up but I only had a few seeds to start with. sorrel, A horse bean.  I have also dragged the turmeric, lemon grass and sweet potato vines inside for the winter.  Our cabin is getting smaller al the time.
These are the turkey tail fungi that we are tincturing. Sorry to put it down here the website isn't letting me put it anywhere else.
See you all at Madison or on winter deliveries. Be happy and healthy.  Dove

 Nov. 13
Our front field is looking good with all the winter greens. It has been warm enough that the bugs have lingered. Those pesky yellow margin leaf beetles that just love anything in the Brassicas family.
We have baby beets, lettuce and carrots coming up in our second high tunnel. Can't wait until the beets are ready. Most of what is in the high tunnels now will hopefully be ready when our field crops freeze in January. At least that is the plan. Keep your fingers crossed.
This Saturday is the last day of the Madison City Farmers Market until next April. We have already started our winter deliveries so if you haven't been by our booth and signed our e-mail list so you can still get veggies and eggs after the market closes this is your last chance. 3 Blanks Farm and us are teaming up again this year and selling our wears thru the online store in this website all winter long except for the weekend after Thanksgiving. We have a lot of greens and root crops available right now. Plenty of eggs for all those great deserts you will be making.
We have shitake mushrooms flushing right now and Russell will have them at our booth. After Saturday they will be available online.
We look forward to see you this winter. Have a great holiday with your family and we are Thankful for your support all year long. Our relationships with many of you have kept us going when we have wonder why we do this sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement and love. Love you back.